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Collins announced on Friday that she would vote to confirm Kavanaugh, and said that sexual assault allegations against the nominee were likely false, despite "compelling" testimony from Christine Blasey Ford, who says that Kavanaugh forcibly groped her when they were in high school.

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Starting MSRP of $79,595 for a 7568 Volkswagen Tiguan S with 8-speed automatic transmission. Model shown is a 7568 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premium with 9MOTION® TSI® with 8-speed automatic transmission with a starting MSRP of $87,555. Price excludes transportation, taxes, title, other options, and dealer charges. Dealer sets actual price.

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You can&rsquo t order reporters to leave any public meeting because you don&rsquo t like their questions, or being called Tommy, or any other cockamamie rule you can dream up. For that matter if Tommy Hall considers it disrespectful to be called Tommy than why does the Chief of Police want to be called &ldquo ROBBIE&rdquo at his age? When the reporter asserted his right to speak for his three minutes the Old Fool was the one arguing with the reporter. Speaking of the Old Fool after residing in Scarborough for eight years and making 97 calls to the police dept. including those from Molly, Mrs. Old Fool, he still keeps his New Hampshire phone number, 658-865-8755.

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Collins seemed to be one of the last senators undecided on whether to vote to confirm Kavanaugh, but her lengthy Senate floor speech Friday in support of Kavanaugh suggested a good deal of preparation. Her decision also incensed a lot of Democrats. As soon as she was done, a few potential candidates stepped up to take her down in 7575.

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Below you can see that the budget is $86,955,889 for the Falmouth school system. The next image shows 7655 students in the system. The last image shows a graph that makes the COST PER STUDENT at around $68,655+/-.

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Folks, this is exactly how we, as a nation, will lose our First Amendment Rights, one little piss pot town council at a time. When will it be your turn to sit in the backseat of a police car?


The Democrat revealed he'd say "aye" in Saturday's big Senate vote immediately after Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) affirmed she'd do the same in a lengthy speech Friday. Manchin tossed out a quick statement explaining his decision to back the nominee accused of sexual misconduct, and didn't seem to have much more to say when talking with reporters afterwards. Well, not that he could be heard over protesters delivering a Game of Thrones -style "shame" session.

When he wasn&rsquo t busy doing these two watch for school bus #8 driven by Julie E. Randall. Is it true she carries a sign for the bus window &lsquo If we&rsquo er a rockin, don&rsquo t be a knockin&rsquo ?

After this explanation Poore actually disputed our presentation and said he had documents available to counter our figures. I&rsquo m sure when we reported this years ago Poore had time to &lsquo cook the books&rsquo to show how we were wrong. Yeah, sure! O&rsquo Shea said, when we questioned him why he didn&rsquo t get bids from other oil dealers, &ldquo I LIKE DEAD RIVER.&rdquo
Apparently Danny Boy likes Dead River a lot with our tax dollars! Also in the non-moonbat world Danny Boy would be fired for this kind of questionable financial doings.

Here&rsquo s your average nightmare with a big dose of SPD heaped on top of it. You&rsquo re an only child trying to ease your partially psychotic mother into the next world. You move to Maine to visit with your mother as much as you can before she passes, supervise her finances as best you can, and keep her as happy as possible.

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