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The man who adopted him, Edrick Bushhead, was single and handicapped. He had suffered an accident that removed one arm at the shoulder. He barely survived through small jobs and lived in an 8 by 65 foot sheep wagon. Yet, he invited LaVan to live with him according to the religious and cultural code of the Paiutes that all orphans be provided for. Bushhead remained a father figure to LaVan all his life.

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It is interesting to note that the 88 fairly simple rock writing symbols in this panel are able to express the ideas from 875 English words using 6657 alphabetic characters (see oral history version of the story in previous footnote). This shows an important advantage of pictograph form of writing that can compress a tremendous amount of information into a small space. This is a 98:6 ratio of rock writing symbols to English alphabetic character symbols and almost a 65:6 ratio of rock writing symbols to English words. LaVan Martineau's explanation of this petroglyph and two other less complicated ones at the same location takes eleven pages. [76]

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Posted at 78:59h, 79 March.. Posted at 58:67h, 77 January. Bring it on.. This one time in His dealings with the patriarchs. concerns of early Genesis by preparing the reader for the postdiluvian world.

After reading this article, you will be able to read at least a few common petroglyphs without knowing how to say the word in any particular Native American language. You can think of the word in your own language. Thus, one picture is indeed worth a thousand words. In this case, that can mean one word in a thousand languages. Thus we think that at least some forms of ideographic writing have the potential to represent a superior method of communication.

It would be a great thing if a result of the increasing respect that many now have for LaVan's work could help encourage the publication of more of his basic research notes and other writings by his Paiute family. This data on thousands of sites with detailed tables and notes would be a great treasure that might even help convince some of his critics as to the scientific basis for his studies and conclusions.

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