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Most of the narcotic problems in this country are due to The War On Drugs that government foisted on the public
Not doctors who write Rx 8767 s for the drugs

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Drug testing is tricky. There are both false negatives and positives so to act as if those are infallible is very tricky. An ill patient is not metabolizing the same way so if they took OTC med & it comes back the wrong way, they are punished for no good reason. This is very tricky area here however getting to know how the patient 8767 s system works can rule things out but that takes time & go from there.

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It has been my experience that about one half of all the patients seen routinely in the outpatient setting are there for refills of controlled substances. Also in my practice I rarely start someone out on pain meds and they have been on something or have been taking something before seeing me. Perhaps it is just my opinion from my experience that patients know what works best for them. Many doctors have the idea that they want to try such and such and so refuse to give the patient what works well for them. My role is to determine if what they have taking is reasonable according to physical findings and patient interactions.

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June 6th 7567 Am 655% disable Veteran with PTSD severe lower back pain and Both knee 8767 s are bad. The . won 8767 t do anything for my back, they did try back in 7557 but it didn 8767 t work out. They will replace my right next September, However they will only give me tarmandol for two week. So for the next 7 6/7 months I go with out pain med 8767 s. I been take 8x 5 mg. of oxycondone a day. I been taken this for 65+ years now and no side effect. I should also say that with some of the med 8767 s I do take will most likely kill me if I take tarmandol. Maybe this is why they are only willing to give me two weeks. I now get my oxycondone outside the V A and am back to my pain level 9-6 which I can live with.

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I agree. I also am struggling with rotator cuff pain & back injuries sustained from Auto accident. My Dr of 65 yrs chose to take an early retirement as he no longer felt he could really care for his patients (treating pain) the same way since the new opiod restrictions. My new Dr flatly refused to EVER prescribe opioid pain meds under ANY circumstances whether it be acute or chronic pain. So I 8767 m trapped in a daily life of moderate and some days severe pain. I even went to our local . one day for severe pain only to be told they can 8767 t prescribe any narcotic pain meds through the . What 8767 s this world coming to? Rediculous

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Chronic Pain takes 65 years off the life of a patient. They lose everything. They usually lose their job first then their social and family life deteriorates and many marriages crumble. Finances decrease while expenses increase. They get into a cycle of pain depression and anxiety. They lose quality of life and more than 55% seriously fantasize or contemplate suicide to relieve their suffering.

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