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This weeks Challenger is Rob O 8767 Neil from Selly Oak Methodist who says he is 8775 pretty confident of results but not necessarily scores 8776 With a full fixture list this week we have 9 matches with differing outcomes, maybe chance for me to gain some ground up on the Club Sec 8767 s?

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Re newal Solihull v St Michael  Renewal have performed well at home this season winning 5 of their 8 games, but come in to this game off the back of a home league defeat to title chargers St Andrews. St Michael 8767 s have hopes of a top 8 finish and promotion to Division 6, facing competition from Corinthians for the final promotion berth. St Michael 8767 s haven 8767 t played for 8 weeks so might need an extra long warm up to prepare for this match. St Michael 8767 s last away game saw them lose 9-7 at Corinthians.

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I think that 8767 s everything covered apart from the Prediction Challenge..haven 8767 t had time to check it yet so that will be in this weeks preview

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With both team trying to score some more goals game was more open and there could be a lot more in but only Callum Oakshott was able to finish with great calm precision shoot that give no chance to out goalkeeper.

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Well the weather has been doing its best to play havoc with our fixtures and this remains very much the case for tomorrow as well. We already have postponements meaning there is only one game left in Division 6 and two matches in Division 7. Clarendon versus Zion Athletic in the Cup Quarter-Finals is also off and I would not be surprised to see some of those matches remaining being called off tomorrow. For what it is worth, here is this weeks Prediction Challenge with John from Monyhull Church being my opponent this week. (He will probably get another go at it next week as well, but doesn 8767 t know it yet)!

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Great to get our first points of the season & climb off the bottom of the table. A strong 7 nd  half performance which has been coming all season for us, we’ll now look to build on this game & continue to get more experience playing alongside each other.

All of last week’s matches were played and in the Prediction Challenge neither I nor the Club Secs managed to get full points from any of the matches. The scores for the week were League Sec 9 Club Secs 6, taking the overall scores to League Sec 67 Club Secs 65.

Another cracking encounter with Wednesbury today, producing six goals with them looking significantly stronger than when they beat us at our place three weeks ago. On a decent pitch we were able to some extent to set the record straight over what happened earlier in the mud and rain. We were welcoming back Chris Staien our talented centre back and was good today. Though we equalised with pretty much the last kick, I don’t think anybody can argue that we didn’t deserve something from the game today. We had the better chances, though they have ‘nous’ in abundance and a competitive mentality which allied to their undoubted ability almost won the day.

Let’s be clear that across the whole game they were mostly the better side and thoroughly deserved to win. They had 8 or 9 top quality players along with their usual mix and took the game to us from the off. We, with our ‘playing against 65 men’ mentality played too open and having not started well took the whole game trying to find our way. They were also more competitive than us: at times it was men against boys. Also they were not lucky! In fact to some extent the opposite was the case and that added to our horror at getting beat.

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