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I ve heard from feminists on the internet and from women I know that being asked about what they are reading is an obnoxious come-on. Of course, they were mostly talking about public transit and not coffee shops.

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Surprisingly, yes! To start with, most gyms these days have classes yoga, pilates, martial arts, spinning the majority of people attending these classes tend to be women. Being the new guy in class gives you an instant topic of conversation and commonalities, easing the introductions. As an added benefit you 8767 ll be challenging yourself by mixing up your regular work-out and adding to the core of experiences you 8767 ll want to collect.

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I 8767 m a huge proponent of online dating , but if you 8767 re not out actually having a life, you 8767 re not going to have anything to offer to the women online. And while you 8767 re getting out of your house anyway , you may as well go out and meet people.

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For example, don t approach a woman who is actively signaling that she wants to be left alone, or who is currently in the middle of work (especially if you are a customer)

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*Or it means you 8767 ve got that fucking  song stuck in your head. In which case, I can 8767 t really help you, other than to tell you to start singing 8775 Hot Patootie Bless My Soul 8776 and hope that drives it out.

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DR NerdLove. I am really conflicted of my best friends are feminists and they link me articles a lot. A common topic of articles is how women are sick of being approached in public, and how they view it as harassment. If you are already shy, nervous, anxious and you sometimes pluck up the courage to approach only to find out the woman your already scared of is now angry cos you are now part of a trend of harassment..well its something. I am good looking though so maybe I shouldnt be worried.

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A quick aside: while I do advocate going to these places to meet women, I want to stress that you should not  be heading down like a bunch of pick-up artists headed to the local club to drain the place dry women who you 8767 re going to meet at these venues are not necessarily out looking to meet the love of their life. The key words to keep in mind are 8775 calm 8776 , 8775 friendly 8776 and 8775 low key 8776 . And be sure to smile, for fuck 8767 s sake.

Mall/shopping centre. You can only get away with asking one or two women about clothes for your sister in a shop. Other women watch and quickly catch on to what you are doing, meaning once you have asked one or two you then have to leave for another shop. I agree with not bothering about the people that work there, they are being nice to you in an attempt to sell you something. I get perfect 65 blondes smiling and touching me all the time in phone shops, etc. It s purely because they want me to buy something.

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