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I am so frustrated with suddenlink!!!! I was told after u paid my past due bill I would not be disconnected. So I paid my bill and now they have told me that u owe more money or my service will be shut off in 9 days. I told they that was not what they told me earlier, and the representative told me I was a lier! I got so mad that I file a complaint with the better business bureau. I called them back and told them I was going to file the complaint and they told me they weren’t going to do anything about. This company is very disloyal and has no integrity! They should be ashamed for lying to customers and allowing their employees talk to customers that way!

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Suddenlink charged me $675 a month for basic internet and TV in Lufkin, Texas. They were the only provider, so they take advantage of people! A few years later, they sent me to collections for $78 and no matter how many times I dispute it and waste time calling on hold, collections told me Suddenlink will never stop trying to steal money from me. Do you want to join me with a class action lawsuit?

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I have been waitting for internet service for 7 weeks, and know they cant even find my application with my personal information,,
Please help,,,757-999-7868
Alfonso Carrasco
E, Webb north Las Vegas NV

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I have been a subscriber to Suddenlink for a number of years. During this time I have had a series of price increases despite the fact that the service has continued to decline. Today I am paying for 55 Mbps and when I check the speed, it is typically 85 Mbps and sometimes as low as 5 Mbps. When I call Suddenlink to report the issue the tech service is so poor and un-informed. Suddenlink often suggests sending a technician to my home to investigate, so far they never find a problem. I believe that Suddenlink is fraudulently charging me for a service the choose not to provide.

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I am writing to express my utter frustration, report the lack of professionalism and unwillingness of CenturyLink customer service representatives to even attempt to look into or admit that CenturyLink may have made an error on my account. I can honestly say, that this was the WORST experiences I have ever had with a company!

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Century Link sucks and has to be removed as a utility. Their DSL service is a joke and even worse the speeds are a complete lie. The customer service is arrogant because they are a monopoly. In Sussex County NJ we are working on a class action case. We are fed-up and very angry. You need to go Century Link. You are not liked at all.

Comcast is the largest communications network in the world and they prorate their customers bills. Time Warner cable is the second largest communications net work in the work and they also prorate their customers bills. Let me add these are also two of the most hated companies but yet they do a better job at taking care of their customers than Suddenlink does.

I began using Suddenlink decades ago, when you were still called Cox. I used to encourage other people to use you because you gave excellent service, in person or on the phone, and you were always willing to actually listen to your customers. I dropped my internet provider to switch to yours after you started offering that service.

Your customer service for Lifeline subscribers is less than desirable: of all customers it shouldn’t take almost a wk to check phone lines for trouble. If I and my area could deal with another company I’d drop your service in a heartbeat.

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