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The photographer certainly believes it was -- saying the two left a restaurant in Malibu together after dining together.

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Sources close to Drake say the Harris story is total BS -- Bella wasn't even in town -- and any report saying the two went on a date is false. There's also a photo floating around of the two, but that was taken several years back.

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Please note that the site needs users to  purchase credits to chat to the women and each conversation costs some credits. This is not like other dating sites such as  China Love Cupid  which charges monthly fee.

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Hamilton was at the event to debut his new fashion collection with Tommy Hilfiger -- but Nicki's super revealing outfit DEFINITELY stole the show (you have eyes, so you can see why).

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And, neither person is a stranger to dating another celebrity -- Nicki's famously been linked to Meek Mill and Nas . Hamilton's been out with everyone from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna . and even Nicole Scherzinger .

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