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I am thinking if I could use a bar of Kirk 8767 s Castile Soap. It has a coconut oil base. For the oil, I guess I would use something very light, like the Oil. Anyway, I will definitely have to try it and see how it turns out.

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Please never feel that you are neglecting your blog when it comes to caring for your family. I know on top of all the other wonderful blessings of poor health that everyone in Utah is trying to deal with the worst winter in decades. That ice storm last week sent many older and people to the hospital emergency rooms due to falls and accidents. Just do the best you can do and hang in there with all you have got because this too shall pass!! Hugs!!

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I love Sugar Mummy Online website. They have helped me to find a very gentle and loving man. Thanks a lot to the whole SMO Team.

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6) Don’t make sexually explicit remarks or jokes at work or at work events. Actually, you may not want to make these remarks at all. Always use the Southern Mama test what would my Mama think if she heard me talk like this? Works like a charm every time. In fact, the mere visual of your Mama should kill the urge right away!


These look absolutely divine! Thank you for taking the time to share these even thoughyyou had so much else going on :) These will make gorgeous gifts for friends & save me plenty of pennies! A few of my girlfriends are allergic to soap, is there an alternative you can think of to get around this? xx

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Narrow down search results by setting criteria like income, education level, body type, ethnicity, location, children, smoking and drinking habits and save for one-click convenience next time.

Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil, whereas Almond oil is not it 8767 s a carrier oil, therefore Eucalyptus cannot take the place of Almond oil. You could however substitute Coconut, Olive, etc. Hope this helps you to understand :)

No. No printable sticker paper needed unless of course you want to go that route. I just print on white cardstock and then cut them out and glue them with a glue stick. It works so well and goes on nice and smooth. You actually have to scrub the labels off when finished!! Cheaper way to do it for me.

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