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I have not tried the others. After 75 years, I have finally landed in a school where I can teach a class on the Revolution. I 8767 m really enjoying it and am using Middlekauff to refresh my memory about details I have not been able to teach in survey classes. I 8767 m anxious to do more reading on the subject again so I 8767 ll look forward to reading these books.

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This course builds on the foundation of Joy Hakim's award-winning series A History of US. Hakim is an excellent storyteller. In her 65 volumes of history (and an eleventh book with original source documents), she tells the story from the first peoples who came to North America on. To the story, she adds additional fascinating sidebars, little tidbits of intrigue and interest. The whole set is profusely illustrated with photos, portraits, and political cartoons. The School Library Journal said, "One of the best nonfiction series of the decade. Impossible to put down." We agree. It's outstanding.

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This is a great list. I recognize that choices must be made but my own opinion is that Harris 8767 s excellent study of Brandywine should be here if necessary, instead of McGuire 8767 s vol. 6. I echo the commenter who would add Babits/Howard 8767 s study of Guilford. Last, regarding 8775 people 8776 , Billias 8767 s collection of essays on 8775 Washington 8767 s Generals and Opponents 8776 merits consideration, as well.

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The Literature includes several mature works. The poetry book, for example, contains collections by six of America's top poets, including Whitman, Dickinson, Frost, and Sandburg.

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I 8767 m surprised you think American Sphinx is the best book on Thomas Jefferson. I wonder how many (or how few) Jefferson scholars would agree. Ellis is a fine writer, but even his title suggests he doesn 8767 t really understand Jefferson. What about Dumas Malone and Merrill Peterson?

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Thanks again, Steve, for weighing in! And to all our readers, we say tell us more! Your recommendations are just as valid and insightful, and our community is always eager to learn about new books!

This is a pretty forgiving group and there is need to feel intimidated. We all started somewhere, so pitch an idea to the editors and they will provide you with helpful suggestions to guide you through the process.

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After their children have worked through Sonlight's 675 course, some parents have their children take the CLEP exam (the College Level Examination Program test that counts for college credit at some schools). These students pass.

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